House Margeta is situated in a peaceful area. Nevertheless, it only takes 10 minutes to walk to the old part of Novigrad. Our six comfortably furnished apartments allow our guests time to unwind after a day on the coast or an exquisite Istrian dinner consisting of fish, shellfish, crabs, raw ham, and excellent wines. On top of that, good company and conversation allows you to tank up on your energy for another beautiful and sunny day in scenic Novigrad.

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History of Novigrad

Emonija, Neapolis, Novigrad


Numerous monuments and archaeological sites demonstrate that the territory of the present-day city of Novigrad was already inhabited in antiquity. In written documents dating from the 7th century Novigrad is known as Neapolis and Civitas Nuova while in church documents it is known as Emona, Emonia, Aemonia. It was the seat of a bishopric - from the 8th centuries to 1831 that of the suffragan bishop of the Aquilea-Grado archbishopric - and the bishop of Novigrad had juristiction over the territory streching to the river Dragonja to the north and to the river Mirna to the southeast. Due to its favourable situation on the small peninsula with its fertile hinterland, Novigrad was frequently involved in turbulent historic events. During the 8th and 9th centuries it was from Novigrad, as a seat of the frenkish prince Ivan, that the feudalisation of the area progressed, placingit in the context of the general cultural and historical changes taking place in Europe during the middle ages. During the 16th and 17th centuries, due to frequent wars and epidemic diseases, the city stagnated almost to the point of extinction.

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